CM STAR CORPORATION was incorporated in Quezon City, Philippines in the year 1999. The company initially catered to direct selling and marketing of various products like Skin Care, Home Care, Jewelry, Aromatherapy Products and Food Supplements. As the years progressed, the company responded and catered to the needs of different customers by branching out to Institutional Accounts (such as Health Spa, Skin Care Clinics, Hotels and Restaurants). Currently the company is distributing in Supermarkets and Groceries as well.


CM Star Corporation embarked into the field of Pharmaceutical, in the year 2000.The company established partnerships with prestigious companies worldwide and at the same time became recognized representatives of local companies, as well.


The latest venture of the Company, is the Pet Care Division, in the year 2016. With the principle of providing quality pet food at a reasonable price, CM Star Corporation is distributing Danish high-quality pet food for cats and dogs.

Pharmaceutical Division

CM Star Pharmaceutical Division -

The division started in 2000 and is involved in the importation and distribution of various pharmaceutical products for both generic and critical care medicines, to various hospitals nationwide. Credical care medicines are hard to find or lifesaving medicines requested by departments such as Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology, Pediatric, Hematology, Anesthesiology, and Pulmonology, to name a few. 

With passion for Innovation, the division continues to look for new drug products that can improve lives. CM Star Corporation is a licensed importer and wholesaler of pharmaceutical products covering all major hospitals nationwide.



Last January 2018, the Company started marketing and promotion of Medical Device/ Supplies. CM Star Corporation is a licensed importer and wholesaler of medical devices

Consumer Products

CM Star Consumer Division

 The division handles marketing and distribution of different products such as food, home care and cosmetic. This division continuously develops new products with unique consumer health benefits with the goal to give consumers a variety of healthy products to choose from.

CM Star Corporation is a licensed importer, distributor and food trader offering the products to various groceries and supermarkets, among others.

Pet Care Division

CM Star Pet Care Division - Established in 2016, this is the youngest division of CM Star Corporation. This division is currently importing and distributing Danish quality pet food from Aller Petfood products. All Dogs and All Cats is a complete premium diet for cats and dogs of all breeds which contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals and is reasonably priced.


CM Star Corporation is registered with the Bureau of Animal Industry.

With these divisions, CM Star Corporation consistently strives to uphold its outstanding way of service. By providing excellent quality products, promoting good health and well- being can be achieved which will benefit both our patients and consumers, and the rest of the community.