An exemplar of excellence, through consistent delivery of quality products, to provide the community a healthy selection that will improve lives.

CM Star Corporation was incorporated in 1999, and has evolved and expanded throughout the years. As the company aims to provide consumers a selection of health-related products, CM Star Corporation is presently composed of three divisions: Pharmaceutical, Consumer and Pet Care.


To be the leading and reliable provider of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, and a trusted  contributor in the consumer and pet care industry


To consistently assist the consumers in availing high quality but affordable medical devices, supplies & drugs that may address various illnesses, which may include but is not limited to cancer diseases, organ transplant and other critical care scenarios.

To continuously research and discover breakthrough products that will improve lives.

To continuously provide consumers a selection of unique, excellent and healthy food and pet products.

  • We ensure that our Customers, such as patients, doctors and other consumers, are Satisfied
  • We are committed to provide Quality products delivered within timeline
  • We are driven to provide Service Excellence to our consumers wherein our employees are well-trained and equipped to provide exceptional service
  • We ensure that we live and breathe Integrity in all our business dealings
  • We ensure that our Passion for Excellence is continuous with the ultimate goal of improving lives